Right Now: I'm a UX Architect at Strata Decision Technology helping to heal healthcare. I'm happiest doing work that combines my analytical, business-minded side with my curious, creative side. When I'm not up to my eyeballs in Sketch files, I'm either on my yoga mat, planning my next trip, or figuring out how to rumble with vulnerability.

Previously: I graduated with degrees in business management and public health from Purdue. I worked as an IT project manager for a health insurance company for a couple years post-graduation. Then I made my way through Australia, New Zealand, and Bali working freelance and learning some new skills. I wrote for a national healthcare blog, became a certified yoga instructor, and cared for two kiddos in Sydney. After coming back to the States, I completed the UX track at Designation so I could shift my career from being business-centered to human-centered.