Digital Insurance Conference Banners

My design pair and I created two banners for the Virtual Assist booth. They were displayed for the
2019 Digital Insurance Conference.


Virtual Assist is a platform of web and mobile apps that allows a customer to video chat in real-time with claims adjuster. Three members from the product team (myself, another designer, and the product owner) plus one member of the sales team traveled to Austin for the annual Digital Insurance Conference.

To support Virtual Assist (VA) for the conference, my design pair, Alicia Warren, and I designed two banners for the booth.

10 x 8ft Banner

Four beginning conceptsare shown below. We received feedback from stakeholders that the one with the illustrations were preferred over the ones with stock images.

We evolved the design to only include a blue color scheme. Because we were designing in feet instead of pixels, I put the shape of a six foot tall human next to the art board. Since this would be the background of the booth. It helped us to understand how things might get blocked while we stood in front of it.

Final iterations

Final design

2.5 x 6 ft Banner

You have to start somewhere, right?

Quickly realized that blue didn't work as a background color and started to explore darker backgrounds. Because the 10x8 banner was mostly white, I thought the dark here would add a nice contrast.

Started to explore balancing out the dark with a white background.

Last explorations

Final design

      Designs in the wild

      Lessons Learned

      This was my first experience in print design. I enjoyed being able to explore widely and just have fun. No testing needed. We constantly tapped on other designers for feedback and I was excited to see how the design evolved. My biggest lesson learned was that pantone color match doesn't always turn out accurate. The header color for the 10x8 banner showed up more navy than black. It wasn't the look I wanted but, overall, I was happy with the way the design turned out.

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